Other Tips

6. Create an Attic Bedroom

attic bedroomMultifamily living, where several generations live together in the same space, is an important recent trend. Spacious housing is appealing to families who are making room for grandparents or adult children to move back into the home. If you have an unused attic space, refinishing it could potentially increase the home’s value and motivate a quick sale to a multigenerational family.

7. Refinish an Unused Basement

It’s worthwhile to refinish an unused basement for all the same reasons you might be interested in creating an attic bedroom.

8. Create an Open Floor Plan

These days home buyers are drawn to open floor plans. If you have an older home where the kitchen is boxed in on its own it could be beneficial to knock out a kitchen wall or part of a wall. This can be a little bit tricky to implement because you have to choose a wall that doesn’t include any kitchen plumbing. The wall you choose to knock down also ideally would not be a load-bearing wall. While you can knock down load bearing walls if necessary, the project would be complex; it would be advisable to consult a structural engineer or licensed architect for professional help with this.

Those are our picks for the top remodeling project ideas to motivate a quick real estate sale. We hope this information will prove to be helpful to you when you plan future remodeling projects.